Born from a respect for design, an understanding of business, and a love for story.

Storyocity is a commercial production and motion design studio based in Cincinnati, Ohio. We’re not just a content creation studio, but a concept factory lead by purpose. We’re dedicated to always improving our craft; to push the envelope in creative and ability. Our dedication to our craft helps us realize our goal: to design stories and experiences that connect with a global audience.

From broadcast commercials to social media and web campaigns; from live events to product visualizations; from B2B, B2C, and Non-profit too; we’ve created content that helps make a connection, whether through story or wonder. That’s what makes us who we are: A big-ability little Midwestern commercial studio.


Live Action Production

We utilize the latest technology, equipment, and techniques to create well designed stories with real people, or trained actors. From 30 second broadcast commercials to in-depth documentary style projects, our team of storytellers design every frame and every edit to best connect with the audience.

Motion Design ( 2D & 3D Motion Graphics + Animation )

Creating an experience that curates a feeling is everything. Our designers and motion artists use 2D and 3D techniques to elevate experiences and leave audiences with memorable feelings. We take a very design forward approach to every project, blending art, emotion, and story in every frame.

Custom Music Scores and Sound Design

Every member of the Storyocity team is a musician in some capacity. From Berklee trained film composers to indie rockers, and everything in between. Our background in music not only informs our edits and our design, but it allows us to create custom tailored music that fits the need of every project, every time. There’s no room for good-enough in this fast-paced world.