We Are Storyocity


"Creativity isn't taught, it's inspired. "

Whether you run a company that designs mobile apps, you draw logos in your spare time, or you build furniture that lasts centuries, your environment can be a huge part of your inspiration. It can be fuel to your fire.

It's that reason alone why you should strive to surround yourself with people that inspire you. Collaboration is a beautiful thing, and that's where Storyocity was born.

We are Creators. We are Writers, Cinematographers, Animators, Musicians, and so much more. Our team is dynamic, constantly changing to meet the needs of each project. We believe there is no such thing as cookie cutter creative. There is no template. There is no one size fits all when it comes to creating engaging content. That's why we use a business model that allows for maximum flexibility.

At the end of the day, we are a creative video and motion design agency. We work with forward thinking clients to develop and create world class, dynamic and memorable productions, designs, and animations for digital, broadcast, web, and more. We work feverishly to accomplish the goals of our clients, from single video projects, to multi-leveled year long campaigns.

What does it mean?

Storyocity is a made up word (aren't all words made up at one point or another?) It comes from the word story, which we all understand, and the suffix ocity, which means quality of. Our company is focused on the quality of the story we tell in our content.

Our Creed.

Engaged audiences buy products, but consumers today are more guarded than they've ever been before. Over stimulation caused by too much advertising, obnoxious advertising, and unnecessary advertisement has created skepticism, and a major void and disconnect. Audiences aren't against advertisements. They are against bad advertisement.

We create engagement through authentic content. Our discovery process helps us find the best angle to tell your story, or your products story.

There is always intention behind what we do. We want every frame of our visual content to tell their own story. When we keep the brain and heart of the viewer engaged, they feel less like they are being advertised to, and more like they are seeing an opportunity.

Don't just sell your product. Tell a story. People like stories.

Source: www.storyocity.co