The Importance of Tomo

The Importance of Tomo, and Staying Inspired

Anyone who follows us on social media should be aware that we recently got a new office dog named Tomo. We work in a modern setting, and having office pets is all the rage these days it seems. We did struggle with the adventurous nature of a puppy at first, who likes to explore and sniff and sometimes even chew on things that he shouldn't, but the pay off for those struggles is big.

We spend a lot of time feeding our inspiration. In order to out put creativity, you have to ingest creativity too. That comes in the form of Motivational Mondays, something we started that helps kick the week off right. It's not some cheesy team building exercise or chant. We simply take the time to watch a movie, or a tv show, or scroll through a website, go to the art museum, or really anything that can light that spark of inspiration.

We spend time throughout the week talking about things that inspire us, and we also take some time away from the office to go to the gym, practice music, and write novels. Having an office pet like Tomo is another piece of the puzzle for us. We are working everyday towards the goal of making world-class content for ourselves and our clients, and being constantly motivated and inspired by the environment around us is a huge part of our culture.

We like having fun, but we also work extremely hard in the shop, sometimes until the early morning hours, creating, refining, and repeating our process. We simply don't believe in good enough.

That brings me back around to Tomo, our adventurous office puppy. He is a Lhasa Apso, an asian breed of dog. The word Tomo in Japanese loosely translates to "Friend." He is our friend in the office, our creative companion, and sometimes a minor distraction, but that's okay too. We had an office dog before Tomo who passed due to old age. His name was Sebastian and he left a huge role to be filled. Sebastian was our Executive Producer, as well as our HR representative. Even though he was a 5 pound Yorkie who couldn't read or write, he succeeded in both roles. Tomo has a long way to go before earning the title of Executive Producer, but everyday he gets a little bit closer!

This blog post is actually just a major excuse to post more photos of my cute dog.